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Welcome to MinecraftWebHost! 

Hey guys I am CrescentCMan, I am here to to share an exciting news with you guys who need a website for your cracked server! I have created a cracked minecraft server website hosting service. For Free! I am also going to make a free SERVER advertising video on youtube since I own a youtube channel! I will probably tell you guys more about the youtube advertising service later on so please go ahead and check the forum or the News section later.

This thought occured in my mind when my dearest friend(mrevil2000) was very disappointed when many people in his server didn't recognise each other and didn't chat, nor wanted to join each other's factions! Also, they had trouble catching up with the upcoming news in the server!

Recruiting Faction Members

One of the new faction leaders was recruiting people for his faction but no one was online in the server that time so he couldn't recruit anyone. So he waited for another hour and no one was still online. Now he had to get off because he had to eat his lunch. He repeats the process for 3days but the people who was online while he was on was all in a faction and didn't wanted to join his. But there must be people looking for a faction that they could join while he isn't online! So it would be much better if you could just go on the server website and post a topic "Faction Recruting" 

Ban Appeals

There is another reason that your server should have a server website, for example, one of the server staff accidently ip banned a player called "KingJom78" because the staff thought KingJom78 did something wrong. But in reality, he did nothing wrong and he is IP banned so he can never get on to the server!
If there is a server website, I allowed forums so you can definitely create a category called "Appeal here to get UNBANNED".

There is a lot of things you can do to help the server improve if you have a website! Therefore I have created a FREE website hosting service for cracked servers.

Please leave your server name, ip, description, and IGN in the forum. Please feel free to contact me at damon.na108@gmail.com.